Our Sustainable Development Goals Plan

We’re passionate about building sustainable organisations and our own agency is no different, this page is a working document of our progress on all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as we progress further to reaching the goals we’ve set ourselves we will update this page with more specific achievements and activities.

To see what we’re doing to reach each UN goal, just hover our each image below.

No Poverty SDG

Hiring policy

  • We recruit based on ability & mindset over background
  • We support and develop local creative talent
  • Less than 2x pay gap between directors & team members

An ethical supply chain

  • We vet all suppliers and partners 
  • We choose sustainable and inclusive partners


  • We mentor young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds
No Poverty
Zero Hunger

Purchasing & behaviour

  • We support local food producers & hospitality venues
  • We know the source of food and only buy what we need for meetings and events


  • We donate 10% of our month via skills or time donation
Zero Hunger
Good Health & Well-Being

Team wellness

  • We offer everyone remote working & flexible hours
  • We give paid volunteer days 
  • We encourage our team to eat and be healthy

Mental health awareness

  • We use our platform to promote positive conversations around mental health
  • We give everyone days off mental wellbeing before they’re needed
Good Health & Well-Being
Quality Education

Individual led learning

  • Individual learning & development is encouraged and supported by everyone

Mentoring programme

  • We support creative industry talent globally
  • We promote the industry as an alternative to more traditional education / job routes

Sharing learning

  • We donate books & learning materials
  • We practice Openness & transparency around project successes to pass on knowledge to others
  • We volunteer our time to mentor and educate young adults on marketing and creative subjects
Quality Education
Gender Equality

Equal pay / no gender pay gap

  • Equal work = equal pay
  • We make ability based hiring & promotion decisions

Standing up & supporting women in business

  • We support girls the development of business skills in developing countries
  • We promote equality and the unique benefits of women in the workplace
Gender Equality
Clean Water & Sanitation

Mindful water usage

  • We educate the team & empower them to practice active water reduction


  • Buy1Give1 – We provide water taps in developing countries
  • We donate a proportion of studio time to charities working to provide clean water & sanitation for all
Clean Water & Sanitation
Affordable & Clean Energy

Improve energy efficiency

  • We choose green energy suppliers
  • We reduce energy consumption by switching off plugs and devices
  • We invest in energy saving programmes

Supporting social entrepreneurs

  • We run events & skills donation to help social entrepreneurs working on clean energy initiatives
Affordable & Clean Energy
Decent Work & Economic Growth

Responsible & inclusive recruitment

  • We foster an empathetic environment supporting people from all backgrounds
  • We provide roles that provide engaging and fulfilling employment

Volunteering & paid internships

  • Upskilling & mentoring people from different backgrounds

Support & promote ethical brands

  • We promote and advocate a better way of doing business
Decent Work & Economic Growth
Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Partnering with the 3rd sector

  • Donating time, money and skills to help people in developing countries learn business skills

Internships & apprenticeships

  • We develop creative industry talent

Coaching social entrepreneurs

Sharing best practice with others

  • Any innovations and learnings are shared to help others achieve more social change
Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
Reduce Inequalities

Democratic decision making

  • We have removed top down decision making, involving everyone in strategic decisions 

Inclusive culture

  • We embrace differences / uniqueness / individuality 

Giving & volunteering

  • We support young LGBT+ adults to grow confidence and soft skills
Reduce Inequalities
Sustainable Cities & Communities

Sustainable travel

  • Wherever possible we choose sustainable travel methods to attend meetings & events
  • We use technology to reduce unnecessary travel
  • We’re a remote agency to reduce our carbon footprint

Support local venues & jobs

  • We support local brands who give back to the city by providing good jobs and safe spaces
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Responsible Consumption & Production

Use platform to promote responsible consumption

  • We use our platform to promote the benefits of responsible consumption
  • We promote and advocate the circular economy
  • We help with slow fashion brands to reduce the impact of the fashion industry

Impact driven decision making

  • Every purchasing decision is made based on impact to people and the planet

Empower people with information

  • We work with organisations to promote sustainability in consumption
Responsible Consumption & Production
Climate Action

Produce carbon neutral websites

  • All our website builds are carbon neutral

Removal of studio space

  • In 2018, we became a remote agency to reduce our impact on the planet from journeys into Manchester

1% for the planet / B1G1 / Giving

  • We’re members of 1% for the planet – donating 1% of our annual sales to environmental nonprofits
  • We’re a Buy1, Give1 – Business For Good
  • We donate 10% of our working month in volunteering days to fight climate change
Climate Action
Life Below Water

Eliminate single use plastic

  • We’ve eliminated single use plastic from all of our events & meetings


  • Buy1, Give 1 beach cleanups in Indonesia in partnership with ROLE Foundation

Educate others

  • We use our platform to raise awareness of the damage business is doing to our oceans
Life Below Water
Life On Land

Responsible behaviour usage

  • All our offline marketing campaigns & materials use FSC certified papers

Use our platform

  • We promote ethical decision making
  • We use content & events to raise awareness of climate change effects on bio-diversity and the planet

Giving / Volunteering

  • As part of the Buy1, Give1 platform we plant trees in India and preserve rainforests
Life On Land
Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Flat organisational structure

  • We’re believers that leaders should serve their teams

Promote human rights

  • We support RightsInfo with design and marketing to help everyone know their rights

Encourage active peaceful engagement in politics / activism 

Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
Partnerships for the Goals

Build a network of sustainable leaders

  • Our regular networking event in Manchester brings together leaders building sustainable organisation to share learning & support

Partner with a new giving initiative each quarter

  • Each quarter we focus on a new Sustainable Development Goal to build a better world for all

Inspire others to take action

  • Team / Partners /Clients

Share our knowledge

  • We share our knowledge and expertise of sustainability with events, blogs & social content to spread the SDGs.
Partnerships for the Goals
Sustainable Development Goals Logo

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