Polyseam Graft Rebrand: Discussed

Who’d have thought a rebrand of a DIY product could gain so much coverage and praise. Graft, a DIY sealant product made by Polyseam was rebranded last month, the manufacturing business invested £60,000 in the rebrand and redesign of the product packaging, which has lead to a sales increase of £389,000 already with an expected ROI of 22:1.  Not bad for a bit of graphic design.

The rebrand has helped Polyseam move into the direct to consumer market, previously providing the likes of B&Q and Wickes own brand sealant products.

So, why did the Polyseam Graft rebrand work?

The rebrand is a big departure from the old branding, the introduction of bright colours and typography allow the product to stand out in crowded retail environments. The black and yellow (very similar to our branding, wouldn’t you say?) is one of a selection of contemporary and bold colours in the product range again helping it stand out against competitor products on the shelf with clear distinctions on what the product helps the buyer achieve.

Our verdict

We love, love, love this rebrand. Just one example of how investing in design and branding can have a positive impact on a businesses bottom line. It’s fantastic to hear such positive feedback for a rebrand, sometimes the bad ones seem to steal the limelight.

Back in February, we wrote a blog post about whether you should evolve or rebrand a business – it seems even more relevant now than when it was written.

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