5 Of The Best Manufacturing Websites We’ve Seen In 2018

CLD Fencing Website

Manufacturing websites have traditionally been old fashioned, functional and quite frankly boring to any normal person.

In recent years though, we’ve seen an increase in the number of manufacturing and engineering brands investing in their web presence – seeing the value in having a site that looks good, attracts interest from buyers and delivers a return on investment.

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 manufacturing websites we’ve seen so far in 2018.




JCB Website

A stunning example of how to do sales generating manufacturing websites.

With multiple audiences across different sectors, JCB manages to keep a clean, consistent site whilst communicating with all of their stakeholders effectively.

Why is it a good example?


  • Clean and easy to navigate to your relevant sector or area of interest (i.e. construction machinery or agricultural products)
  • Excellent calls to action throughout and in key areas of the page: Driving the site visitor to download a brochure or get in touch.
  • Consistent use of a limited brand colour palette.
  • Downloadable content: Brochures are easy to find and forms easy to fill in.


CLD Fencing


CLD Fencing Website

Beautiful imagery and a clear site structure make for a great user experience.

Again appealing to multiple sectors with varied products for each, the CLD Fencing Systems site manages to appeal to multiple audiences quickly and successfully. Oh and it looks great.

Why is it a good example?


  • Beautiful imagery: Quality imagery allows the site visitor to feel a sense of realness and trust by seeing products in real life scenarios.
  • Great case study section: CLD run through the problem their client was facing right through to the fencing solution they fitted. A great way to demonstrate the value they have provided to previous clients.
  • Pop out call to action forms make it easy to request a brochure or call back.
  • The static header ensures the call to action and contact details are visible wherever you are on the site




Dyson Technology For Business website

You’d expect Dyson to feature on our list of the best manufacturing sites, after all, design is what they do best.

The Dyson site doesn’t disappoint, taking the simplicity of its product design and bringing them to its site with crisp typography and beautiful product photography.

Why is it a good example?


  • A product resource library that doesn’t look like it’s from the 90s: A well laid out, product specification and brochure download page makes products less scary to prospects
  • Balancing consumer and business audiences: Having clear areas of the site for each means Dyson can appeal to and meet the needs of two very different requirements.
  • Case studies / use cases: Demonstrating how their products work in different environments for customers helps build trust with potential buyers.


An Introduction to Online Lead Generation for Manufacturers (1)CCM Motorcycles


CCM Motorcyles Website

When you have an exciting product like a motorcycle, you’d expect a good looking site with cool imagery. CCM doesn’t disappoint.

But what’s really great is how simple and easy to navigate the site is. You can go from the home page to an enquiry in 1 click or if explore different options using the model selector.

Why is it a good example?


  • The stylish typography used in headings ties imagery and the site content together.
  • The news & updates slider below the main header is a great touch, giving something for site visitors to engage and connect with as soon as they scroll down the home page
  • Interactive elements around imagery make the site more fun to navigate.
  • Simple CSS animation on calls to action make them more engaging and enticing to click on.




AstraZeneca Website

Some manufacturers say to us, “I don’t need a website. People don’t buy from me directly.”  AstraZeneca is the perfect example of the benefit of manufacturing websites when you’re not using them to sell.

AstraZeneca has a more traditional “corporate site” focused on selling the brand to future employees and customers.

Why is it a good example?


  • Video: I’m sure you’ve read everywhere that video is the future. Well when a company is producing the future of biopharmaceutical products – video is the perfect way to showcase itself.
  • Bright colours and contemporary typography align with the forward thinking companies values.
  • We get to know the brand behind the science on ‘about’ pages with lots of whitespace to make content reading easier.


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