Oldham Manufacturer Ribble Packaging Talk Revenue Growth & Marketing

Oldham Based Ribble Packaging Talks Cardboard Boxes, Revenue Growth and Marketing


Leading cardboard manufacturer Ribble Packaging, based in Oldham, have been working with Reward for less than a year, but have already started to see the benefits that our approach can offer. Our Client Director, Matt, recently caught up with Managing Director Stephen Rector, Marketing Executive Mark Taylor and Marketing Manager Katy Rector to chat about their experience working with us. The result was this great little video. You can also read the full interview below.

Reward: Give me the elevator pitch – why does Ribble Exist?

Stephen Rector: Essentially Ribble is a manufacturer of corrugated, corrugated board. We have for very many years, 30 to 40 years, manufactured a product called Ribfold, which is generically known as Fanfold, it’s a continuous corrugated product. Unfortunately there are thousands of manufacturers of brown boxes, which consequently means margins are unsurprisingly thin. Our challenge at Ribble Packaging over the years has been how to add value to that corrugated board.

Katy Rector: So we offer packaging solutions from conventional volume packaging, we offer automation, we offer returns management solutions and we offer a pre-retail fulfilment service as well.

LM: What problems were you facing before you started working with Reward, and how did we help with them?

SR: For 70 to 80 years we’ve been making brown boxes. That really didn’t require any extent of marketing or PR at all. We tended to know who our customers were and they knew who we were.It was a different type of customer that we were targeting and the message we were getting across had, I think, become rather convoluted and complex.

KR: We had a lot of issues with our brand identity. Reward came up with a really good way to clearly define our sub-brands, which brought clarity and cohesion to the brand.

SR: What Reward really gave to us was the idea of simplifying that message, that marketing message, without diluting it.

LM: What issues do you foresee over the coming months, and why have you chosen to work with us on an ongoing basis?

Mark Taylor: Over the next 12 months in the marketing function, we are looking to rebrand all our types of marketing material and more direct mail campaigns. We’re going to be using Reward to help us with all this marketing changes to make sure they’re all seamlessly integrated and clearly defined on each part.

KR: The reason we decided we wanted to work more closely with Reward is the fact that they really took the time to listen and learn about our business. So they were keen to get an understanding of the overall business strategy to make sure that any of the marketing activities that we’re doing align with that strategy and help us achieve what we want to achieve as a business.

LM: What has working with Reward helped you achieve and what specific results can you attribute to the work we have done together?

SR: We’re hitting the target markets that otherwise we wouldn’t have done. These are quite simply relationships and sales opportunities that without the help of Reward we simply would not have experienced.

KR: Reward has helped us achieve a solid brand that we’re comfortable taking forward with us as we grow. Since we started working with you we put together a direct mail campaign which has been really successful for us so far.

SR: The direct mail campaign resulted in something in the order of a 40 to 50 percent hit rate and very recently we’ve secured two very large contracts worth in excess of one million pounds per annum.

“Working with Reward, there is a demonstrable benefit and we’re seeing it on our bottom line. “

Stephen Rector, Managing Director, Ribble Packaging

LM: What has been the most enjoyable thing about working with Reward?

KR: The most enjoyable thing about working with Reward is that they are a very friendly professional team, very easy to work with. A pleasure.

MT: I always get a response very promptly. The ideas are always good ideas. If there is anything that needs changing they are more than happy to change it straight away

SR: It’s been a delight working with you but the key benefit for us and what it always will be will be what it does for our bottom line.

LM: What would you say to other manufacturing businesses thinking about working with Reward?

MT: The difference between other companies that we looked at and Reward is that we feel Reward understand our business because they took the time to actually understand it. We are quite a complex manufacturing company with many different services and they understand each one individually and see our goal, and the end result of each one as well.

KR: To anybody thinking about working with Reward, manufacturers in particular, they are really really good at taking time to understand your business which is super important when it comes to achieving your overall goals – Go for it!

SR: For any other manufacturers thinking of working with Reward marketing agency, I would say get on and do it. It’s been an entirely positive experience for us. it’s been a relatively short period to date, but there is a demonstrable benefit and we’re seeing it on our bottom line.

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