Why Do Accountants Need To Get Their Marketing Game Together?

In the past, accountants never needed to work hard to find clients; businesses tended to stick with the same accountant for a long-lasting partnership. However, with an influx of more accountancy firms and the fact that changing firm is no longer a complex and expensive process, it is easy for new businesses to swoop in with promises that your firm hasn’t provided, or thought to promote with accountants marketing.

The rise of software

Applications and software have made it easier for self-employed people and businesses to manage much of their accounts, instead of looking for accountants to provide tax information and administer returns, people now want more from their accountants. Unfortunately for accountants, this not only reduces the number of billable hours it also shows a requirement to offer more.

Many businesses now look for accountants that offer more, services that improve their business performance, such as benchmarking and seek out ways to lower their tax bills legally. With competition in the accountancy world being so high, marketing these services is essential.

Why your accountancy firm needs to be marketed

  • Lead the field

As a practice, your firm wants to lead the field in the accountancy world; this should be the same in the marketing world. Whether you outsource your marketing or employ someone in-house, you need to keep ahead of your competition in marketing and ensure your techniques are attracting your ideal clients. Stay ahead of the competition by;

– creating an attractive and useful website

– being a social butterfly on social media sites (target the ones your ideal client base use)

– providing regular and helpful content for prospective clients

– ensuring testimonials and reviews are prominent when clients are searching.

  • Specialise

Your ideal clients won’t usually walk in off the street. You need to seek them out. If you specialise in a certain field or want to target a particular demographic, for example, if you have a pensions specialist, then you want to market yourself to attract the right clientele.

By using carefully crafted accountants marketing campaigns, you can identify and target your ideal clients so that every job is an enjoyable task. If you’re not sure who to target, consider the clients you have now. Which brings in the most revenue? Which jobs are most enjoyable? If you find common denominators, you can start to narrow down your ideal target market.

  • Get found

For any service, the majority of people will look online to find answers. Marketing helps to optimise your search engine rankings, so you can be found easier. In fact, just 2% of users click on search results after the first five results they’re given. Your business needs to be top of the pecking order.

Remember, more and more people rely on mobile phones to browse the web, which means it is essential for your site to be mobile responsive. It is worth bearing in mind that 40% of people will abandon a website that takes longer three seconds to load, so it not only responsiveness, its speed too.

With digital marketing, your content is available at all times, which means you can market to your audience 24/7. Imagine your hard work paying off when you sleep. What’s more, with Google Analytics, you can target your marketing campaign at the most effective time.

How to start your accountants marketing campaign

To begin your marketing campaign, you should consider the following aspects;

  • Your audience

Consider who you want to target and the location you want to market to. Understand who your prospective clients are is important so you can focus your campaign appropriately. It is predicted that 25% of accountants do not keep a list of prospective clients. By starting to record potential clients, you will find that your marketing campaign will be much easier to craft.

  • Understand your business

What are the positives of your business and what do you consider is the expertise of your firm? Coming up with a unique selling point will help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and make your accountant marketing campaign stand out. While you are deciding your USP, it’s worth scouring the market for your threats and opportunities too. Growing organically means you need to identify the future scope of the business.

  • Understand your tactics

There are many marketing methods that you may choose to use. Start by discussing which ones are right for your business and how you’d use different tactics together. With every marketing method you use, it is essential to decipher a measuring scale. Measuring will help you to analyse its success for in-depth marketing analysis and for crafting future campaigns.

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