Seven Construction Marketing Strategies To Win More Business in 2018

construction marketing strategies

The care, detail and attention you put into your construction business in order to make it run like a well-oiled machine is much like the approach you need to take with your marketing campaign. Whether your team is big or small, your construction marketing should showcase the many reasons why your business is the solution to your customer’s needs. Like your construction plans, your marketing campaign needs to show on paper the potential of your business, much like your projects, to help you to attract new clients and repeat customers.

With a fluctuating market such as the construction industry, then it is important to have a constant marketing presence to help your business to continually reach out the new clients and forge new business relationships. If you’re looking for the next steps for your construction marketing plan for 2018, then read on for our seven construction marketing strategies to win more business in 2018.

Seven best construction marketing strategies for winning business in 2018

  • Video marketing

One of the most important marketing strategies for any market at the moment is video marketing.  Did you know that over 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every single day? With this in mind, think about how many people you can attract with construction video marketing?

Depending on your specialisms and what your business does best opens up a wealth of opportunity for effective video marketing. The great thing about the construction market is there are many ways to utilise videos and make visual media that people want to see.

Some examples of construction video marketing ideas include an informative video helping the audience solve everyday problems, step-by-step how-to films, a guide of understanding construction quotes or even a time-lapse video of your business completing a construction project.

The key to compelling video marketing is to make them short and snappy so that they reduce cost and are designed to be watched and shared.

  • Drone Photography

Drones allow businesses, and hobbyists to take aerial photographs quickly and cheaply and offer a variety of benefits to construction business for marketing purposes and beyond. The first important thing to note with drones is that you need a permit to fly drones, so it may be worth looking into this for your business or using a drone photography professional to conduct aerial photography for you.

Once you are sure that your drone flying is fully compliant, you can enjoy taking the drone to the sky to impress current and potential clients. Aerial images can show your progress, be used for land surveying and share essential construction information with the relevant stakeholders. It may even help you to spot potential issues by giving you a full view of the construction site that you may not have had from the ground.

What’s more, aerial photos can then be used as market materials through showing your projects, impressing clients with your rigorous health and safety approach and explaining how you give the clients more, particularly when it comes to progress updates.

  • Utilise reviews

In the construction industry, one of the most influential tools you have is through word of mouth and customer feedback. This is not an excuse to neglect your construction marketing strategy. Not everyone will have someone to recommend you to. Instead, use the positive feedback that you have gained to impress clients and quell any doubts that people may have.

Setting up accounts on review websites helps potential customers to find you based on the feedback you have received. You can also ask customers after a finished project to supply you with a review through an email marketing campaign or a review platform. The positive feedback should then be clear to see on your marketing information, mainly your website, so keep collating the rave reviews and find a way to let them do the hard work for you.

  • Social media promotions

Social media is an excellent way for businesses to showcase their personality and is perfect for creating a buzz for your business. It is ideal as people share your messages and can help your posts to gain traction and your business to become widely recognised.

Social media can be a tricky concept to master particularly if you are juggling your marketing role with another role within the construction industry. However, there are helpful analytic tools available to help you to know the best times to post content, which messages received the most attention and what impact they have received. You can then tailor your content accordingly and keep providing your audience with what they want.

If work is unusually slow, then consider using social media promotions to help gain more business. Offering prizes or deals for people that request a quote from your business can give those who have been viewing your work the final push they need to put their own construction plans into motion. The prizes don’t have to be expensive, just consider the ratio of quotes to sales your business typically receives and adjust the promotion accordingly.

  • Paid search

Often construction business won’t consider paid search as their local traffic and their presence in the community is seemingly enough. However, many construction projects will start from an idea dreamt up in a location further afield, especially if a company is using a renowned architect for example.

While your construction presence in your local area may be good, if businesses architects and project planners can’t find you further afield then you may be missing out on some profitable and exciting jobs that can help to grow your presence and business potential.

Paid search can ensure you feature highly on decision-makers search results to ensure you become a prospective company to work with for the next big project. It is important to utilise a professional for your keyword and paid search process as this helps to make sure you keep to your marketing budget, have detailed analysis of the results and utilise only the best keywords for your industry.

  • Be niche

So often in the construction world, you can turn your hand to a range of projects and types of work whether big or small, but this doesn’t help you when it comes to showcasing the reasons why your brand is so great. When marketing your business, you need to identify the niche that makes your company special.

Defining your niche is a must to help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and helps to direct your construction marketing strategy. It may be that your business has specific expertise in an area of construction or you have cutting-edge tools and equipment that help to deliver the best job possible.

Whatever your speciality is, you can use it to your advantage to craft compelling marketing content and help you stand out from the crowd. Remember to think outside of the box when it comes to thinking of your unique selling point. It’s a competitive field out there and just being a reliable, quality firm is no longer enough.

Combine your resources into an inbound construction marketing dream

Using just one form of inbound marketing is not enough, you need to use email, social media, guest posts and sponsorships to ensure your brand shines. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. The first step is to build a great relationship with the non-competitors in your field. By creating a referral system with your sub-contractors, for example, you widen your pool of potential customers and can combine forces for inbound marketing strategies such as sharing their posts and supporting their campaigns and in return, you’ll receive the same benefits.

You can also combine to create engaging press releases so that your latest projects receive the right attention and are distributed as far as possible for the least amount of expenditure for your company. Finally, ensure that you are associated with all of the relevant organisations that can showcase your business as a market leader and can offer promotional tools as part of their strategy.

Once you have your support in place, your website and online presence can draw on your associations to create a business that is current, far-reaching, professional and integrated.

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