Stuck With Traffic Generation? 5 Quick Fixes For B2B Brands

For all digital market campaigns, the only way for them to be effective is to reach as many people as possible.

Lead generation will be a goal and an essential aspect of your marketing campaign. If your campaign isn’t hitting the mark, then you’ll need to tweak your strategy and up your traffic generation.

If traffic generation is a problem for your business, don’t worry you are not alone.

In fact, over 60% of marketers say that generating quality leads and increasing traffic is their biggest challenge.

However, there are many proven and simple techniques that can help to attract your B2B customers.

So, if you’re looking to make your digital marketing strategy a success without redefining the strategy completely, here are five quick fixed to drive B2B traffic generation.

5 Quick Fixes For B2B Traffic Generation

  1. Stop Thinking About SEO

When it comes to driving leads, marketers and businesses become obsessed with search engine rankings. What’s more, people start to guess the algorithms Google use.

Google is notoriously secretive with their algorithms, but they do recommend continual production of high-quality, user-friendly content.

However, when you focus on pleasing a machine, you neglect the people whom you are trying to connect with.

Instead of thinking about what a search engine would like, shift your mindset to thinking about what your prospects, leads and audience will like.

By focusing your content on the traffic you want to acquire, you may find that it improves your search engine rankings too.

Remember, your audience will be unique with their own search terms, so there is no point in fixating on one keyword for your SEO. Cast a wider net to increase to increase traffic and ensure all the needs of all of your audience are met.

  1. Make Your Emails Stand Out

Email campaigns are still one of the most effective ways to generate traffic.

However, in order to be successful in increasing traffic and leads, the campaign needs to be high-quality.

There are several essential aspects to focus on so that you can improve traffic generation with every email you send.

  • Clean the database – Make sure your emails are only going to people that may be interested in your service and information. People that haven’t opened an email from you in over a year probably would prefer it if you stop hassling them. Clear out individuals on the database who are no longer interested and only send emails to people who actually still care about your service and want to hear from you.
  • Make it catchy – The email subject is what will get people to click on the email. Spend time on making sure your subject header is catchy, attention-grabbing and ultimately clickable. Many marketers believe that personalising the subject with the recipient’s name can help to increase click rates. It’s worth a try and see if it works for you.
  • Don’t forget headings – As well as the subject; email browsers will usually show the heading If the subject isn’t quite compelling enough, consider the heading as your second chance to grab attention. Many email newsletters have a notice of viewing in a web browser for their heading. Scrap this and make these first few words count.
  • Time it right – There is the perfect time to send emails to B2B clients. Often this needs to be during work hours, and some even suggest five minutes before the hour as people will have a chance to read it while waiting for a meeting, for example. It is wise to avoid Monday and Fridays too for people being too busy or winding down for the weekend.
  • Call to action – So often a captivating email loses traffic because of a poor or confusing call to action. Make sure your email only has one call to action and make sure it is clear and easy for the customer to follow.
  1. Retarget

Retargeting can be incredibly effective at catching the people that perhaps slipped through the net the first time.

Research suggests that there needs to be seven points of contact before a sale is made. Retargeting increases the touches and brings you one step closer to establishing trust and leads turning into customers.

Make retargeting a key focus of your campaign and see your traffic generation increase.

  1. Monitor Intent

By analysing your audience and their interaction with your brand, you can start to predict their intentions and target them accordingly.

Data analytics become crucial in working out how many views your site and each page has. You can also see how often each customer has spent interacting with your website.

By spending more time focusing on the data your brand already has, you can work out the quick fixes that you can implement to drive traffic. Identifying relevant topics can help to push your content strategy too, knowing exactly what your customers are looking for.

  1. Branch Out

No business wants to stand still. If your traffic generation seems to be at a standstill, consider branching out to new opportunities.

Many B2B brands will focus on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, however; there could be other platforms that may be more suitable for your brand such as Instagram and Pinterest. Keep your eye out for more platforms to join and capture more customers you haven’t yet reached.

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