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Tony Fowler
Mitchel has always been amazingly patient and understanding on all our projects together. And yet he always delivers the most outstanding work. It’s more than a pleasure…. it’s FUN!!!
Managing Director

Project Overview

We have been working with ethical CBD drink company O’Shaughnessy Drink Company since 2018 on various projects from brand identity to print and digital ad design. This particular project focused on producing a drink packaging design for the companies upcoming CBD drink collaboration with Highfield Drinks.

CBD drink can packaging design berries
CBD drink packaging design berries
CBD drink packaging design
CBD drink can packaging design
Standing out as a premium player

The Results

With upcoming listings in some of the UK’s leading health stores, O’Shaughnessy are making huge strides in the crowded CBD startup market. The strong partnership we’ve had over the last year has resulted in a strong brand, vibrant design style and impactful message.

We continue to work with O’Shaughnessy on all of their design and marketing projects and can’t wait to see our drinks packaging designs on shelves in the coming months.

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