Taking a household name direct to consumer

Project overview

Gibsons is a household name in jigsaw puzzles. The pandemic has seen the launch of a new ecommerce site, moving away from a sole focus on wholesale and transition to a blended direct to consumer model. Gibsons were looking for a partner to help with SEO, PPC, and digital marketing to expand on the success they had seen initially with their website.

The team at Gibsons chose Reward because “they have excellent credentials and similar values as we do, such as sustainability and the support of the LGBTQ+ community. They also have expertise in technical elements.” We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved so far and can’t wait to see further improvements as we grow our partnership together.


  • Ecommerce marketing
  • Shopify
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Paid Social Media
  • Social Media Management

Growing the most important ecommerce marketing metrics

Research, strategy & implementation

We took over management of social media, Shopify website, SEO and PPC – starting with research and existing performance analysis we built a picture of how the brand was performing on it’s key digital channels. Using the research and benchmarking, we were able to devise a digital marketing strategy working across organic and paid search & social channels.

Our strategy focused on reaching new demographics of younger puzzlers and gamers who weren’t aware of Gibsons yet, mixing organic and paid media to raise awareness and drive increases in engagement and customer acquisition.

Growing search & social metrics

SEO: we continue to work on growing organic search traffic by increasing search visibility and rankings in SERPs by using a mix of on page, off page and technical strategies on the brands Shopify site – our work so far has reduced page load times to below 3 seconds scoring 90+ in Google PageSpeed tests.

Instagram/TikTok: as part of our findings, we identified Reels were missing from Gibsons’ social strategy. Implementing video into their social strategy allowed us to increase engagement and impressions quickly. We also launched TikTok for the brand to reach younger demographics.

PPC: combining Search & Shopping ads we have been able to drive down CPA and increase ROAS to above 6x.

The Results

“They’re bloody good. They’re extremely responsive and quick to reply when we reach out. They are well organised and have exceeded our expectations in delivering on their promises. They don’t over-promise and they always deliver. We’ve not been disappointed with this team, unlike our experiences with other agencies failing to deliver.”

Growing ROAS & lowering CPA whilst growing social metrics

We’ve met and exceeded every targeted marketing KPI set together.

“Our social media following has grown, reaching 238% more accounts in the past month than it previously had. We’ve also seen our Instagram engagement increase by 62%. Our conversion cost on Google ads is $.15, which is crazy good.”


Increase in social reach


Increase in engagement


Google Shopping CPA

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