Education recruitment branding & WordPress website design

Project overview

Kellie had sold her share in a successful recruitment brand to pursue a passion for education recruitment and needed help launching her new business.

From naming to brand identity and website design we supported Appoint-Ed to create a brand that stood out in a stuffy, corporate world of education recruitment whilst integrating a Buy 1, Give 1 model into the brand and messaging.


  • Naming
  • Brand Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design

Naming, branding & website design

Naming a recruitment agency

Before starting on the recruitment brand identity design we needed to complete a comprehensive naming research project, using data tools and domain availability we created a list of 10 brand names all available and unique for Kellie to choose from. We settled on the name Appoint-Ed. Combining a common word in recruitment (appointed the right candidate) with education to create a memorable name.

Recruitment brand identity and website design

Working with Kellie we undertook a full branding project to design a consistent brand identity across digital and offline channels. Design assets completed included business cards, logo design, stationery and website design. We connected Appoint-Ed with talented sustainability photographer Jodie at Styling Sustainably to ensure the website photography matched the feel of the identity and website.

The Results

“I needed a name, brand, logo and website for my newly formed company, I needed it quickly and had a limited budget. Mitchel was extremely efficient, kept me on track and sought my input at every stage. It was incredibly important to get things right and Mitchel made sure I was happy before moving on to the next deadline. It feels great to be 100% happy with the end result!”

A memorable brand & identity in a stuffy market

It has been a pleasure seeing Appoint-Ed develop from an idea into a fully fledged brand. We’re proud to have been able to craft a space for the business in a crowded market by focusing on operational roles in schools and embedding a Buy 1, Give 1 cause close to the hearts of those in education.

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