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Tom Seed
We love working with Reward – they just get it. They designed us a brand that we’re proud to show off. Can’t thank them enough for helping us to build the Stealth brand.

Project Overview

Fitness nutrition brand Stealth Nutrition came to us looking for a new logo and brand to fit with their premium product. In a competitive sports nutrition market, they needed a visual brand identity that worked equally well across screens and packaging to connect with customers and build trust in the brand.

Stealth Nutrition Pouch Design
fitness logo design
fitness logo design
Our approach to branding Stealth Nutrition

The Results

Using a mix of market research and visual design we’ve created a strong, premium brand that sits well within the client’s target market. The client loves the design and has since implemented the brand identity across all of the product packaging and digital channels.

We love working with Stealth Nutrition and we continue to work with them on their branding and design to maintain a consistent, quality image across all their marketing collateral.

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