Sustainable interior startup naming & branding

Project overview

When Macrame interiors startup Knot Bad That came to us they were at the start of their launch journey. We needed to create a unique name and identity to allow them to stand out in a competitive home interiors ecommerce market.

Being a Northern brand we wanted to make sure the brand had a nod to it’s routes,  hours of naming research brought us to a clever play on words and a name with an edge of fun – making it more accessible than other brands in the space.


  • Naming
  • Packaging Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding

Our approach to branding Knot Bad That

Understanding target demographics

Our initial research identified the target customer of the brand to be females under 35 living in cosmopolitan areas in the UK as the primary buyer of the brands products. With this in mind we proceeded with a full naming and branding project, from name and domain research to brand identity design and packaging concept design. The language used across packaging inserts and online marketing material is consistent and uses a Northern friendly tone of voice.

Brand typography & colours

As a premium sustainable interiors brand Knot Bad That needed a visual identity that communicated the high end feel of their products. The rich deep green and vibrant lighter green have been carried across all marketing material.

The Results

“I love my new brand, we needed something that communicated our high quality sustainable materials whilst keeping our Northern routes front and centre.”

Creating a brand with a bit of the North

Using a proven process from naming to brand identity we’ve been able to create a brand the client loves and one that communicates effectively with its chosen target market. The brand has been implemented across digital and offline channels to create a consistent visual identity and voice. The end result is a brand we’re proud to have produced and one the client adores.

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