Our Rebrand: Why We’ve Chosen To Work With Brands Doing Social Good

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Reward has become Reward.

Why? Mitchel explains…

Nothing is forever and I’m a strong believer in keeping moving in business, if you don’t you and your business will get left behind.

A little Reward history

Started in 2014, Reward was founded as a design agency to fill a gap in the market for a more affordable alternative to expensive graphic design agencies.

Offering logo design and print design services we have worked with on over 700 client projects in that time! Yes 700. Madness.

Over the years we added services in reaction to our clients wanting to work with us on other areas of their businesses and completing marketing qualifications with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Why has Reward rebranded?

From a selfish perspective, I didn’t feel Reward still reflected me and my values as a business owner.

For years I’ve been banging on about how business is sometimes greedy and should do more beyond profit – to the point where it would make me upset and sometimes angry.

But in recent months I’ve felt there was a bit of a tide change in the business world with consumers and buyers demanding more from the businesses they deal with.

Just look at the war on plastic and Palm Oil.

So now felt like the right time to redirect the businesses attention on supporting something I’m personally passionate about – helping businesses and charities do even more good.

“The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit”
– Richard Branson

marketing agency manchester

Who is Reward working with?

We continue to work with Reward clients who are doing good.

Our client Ribble Packaging has been fighting for the environment for a while now, we’ve supported them to help retailers reduce their environmental impact by taking lorries off the roads and reducing plastic usage with right size packaging.

We’re supporting Just Helpers a cleaning agency in London to continue growing and pay it’s cleaners the London Living Wage.

We continue to support National Ugly Mugs in their fight to protect sex workers.

We’re defining social good as any brand whether that’s a business or charity wanting to have a positive impact on the planet or the people on it.

We want to work with:

  • Businesses reducing carbon emissions with innovative solutions
  • Charities changing the lives of local people
  • Not for profits using technology to drive social change
  • Businesses who have created an employee led culture

So if you’re a brand doing social good, get in touch to discuss how we can work together to do even more good.

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