9 Blog Ideas To Win At SEO For Local B2B Businesses

Content marketing is the easiest way to win at SEO for local B2B businesses.

But, coming up with content ideas is often something business owners and marketing managers struggle with.

One of the main influences on SEO or search engine optimisation is quality, relevant and fresh content that’s why we have outlined some great content ideas perfect for climbing your way up Google’s search rankings to start seeing the rewards of SEO for local B2B businesses.

Blog Post Content Ideas To Boost SEO Performance For Local B2B Businesses

Blogging is one of the cheapest marketing tactics local businesses can use to build trust with prospects, stand out from increasing competition and generate leads. The next 9 content types are perfect for professional services and B2B businesses looking to generate some content to boost your search marketing performance.

1. How To Blog Post

As a business in the B2B space you will hopefully be solving problems for other businesses. Whether you’re an accountant helping people make sense of their financials or a consultant offering marketing growth advice to small businesses. Chances are your buyers will be looking for information if they’re in the market for your service. Use a how to blog post to demonstrate your knowledge whilst helping them solve a problem.

Steal these “how to” blog post ideas SEO for local B2B businesses

Move My Accounting Software From Quickbooks To Xero In 5 Easy Steps. Targeting “Move my accounting software from Quickbooks to Xero” keyword. If someone is looking to move their accounting software, they could be on the lookout for a new accountant who specialises in Xero accounting.

How To Save Money With Business Car Leasing. Anyone searching for “save money with business car leasing” will find a post on the easiest ways to do it extremely helpful. Providing helpful blog post content will allow you to not only educate customers but help build the trust needed to win them as a customer.

2. Behind The Scenes Post

A look behind the curtains post can turn a faceless B2B business into a more approachable brand. Sharing your story from startup is a great way to let people in a little. With competition increasing, connecting with prospects has never been so important. Share why you set up your business in the first place or have an employee blog about why they love working at your business.

3. My Favourite Resources Post

Although this might seem like you’re giving away all your inside secrets people love a little insight into how you work. If you can help people in the process they will be grateful. What software or resources do you use to help you? I wrote a post recently on LinkedIn Pulse 5 Free Tools I Use Everyday To Make My Life Easier sharing some of the tools I use on a daily basis to make the running of my business easier.

4. Interview Post

Richard Branson and Virgin do this well on their Entrepreneur blog. Could you interview local business owners on how they use a service like yours, the challenges they currently face or their top tips? Interview posts are a great way to leverage other business owners’ networks. Everyone loves a bit of an ego boost and asking some of your contacts to be interviewed is sure to make their head a little bigger. They will repay you by sharing your post across their social media channels.

5. Write A Topical Post

Google loves fresh content and hot topics see big spikes in organic traffic to sites. Our Juventus logo opinion post is a great example back in January performing well for the new Juventus logo when people were searching for it by the thousands. Everyone has an opinion, share yours. Some people will agree, others will disagree – either way posts like this often spark a conversation on social media resulting in more tweets, likes and shares. Something that Google takes into consideration when ranking your site.

6. Service Tips Post

Don’t forget your existing customers when you’re writing blogs. Service tips posts work really well to retain and grow existing customer accounts. How could you add additional value post purchase? If you’re a law firm, perhaps you could write a post about the most tax efficient way to pass on inheritance to your will writing clients. The key here is to be specific with your tips, give away some of your knowledge for free. Posts like this will be shared with friends and family, helping to increase your presence on search engines.

Has a new product or service launched in your space? We’re not talking competitors here. For example, a lot of software development companies will review the latest iPhone when it is announced. Usually not much has changed but they turn it into a huge thing anyway and it works. Posts like this are loved by the intended reader and perform well in search engines. Car leasing companies could review the latest Jaguar or Vauxhall on their blog to start ranking for those much needed specific keywords like Jaguar XE business lease.

8. Case Study Post

This one is perhaps the most salesy of all of the posts we mentioned but should be focused on the success of the client you provided services to rather than be too self indulgent. Write a post about what you did for a client, did you increase their turnover by 200% or perhaps you helped them save £600 on their energy bill? Focus on the specifics and the process. Be transparent as you can without breaking any confidentiality agreements you might have in place.

Always ask the client’s permission before posting case study posts and try to get a non generic/fluffy testimonial outlining the benefit you brought to their business. This is gold for a B2B business. We did something similar on our own site based on the success we have had with Ribble Packaging.

9. Comparison Post

A lot of B2B businesses get caught up in what their competitors are doing. Rightfully so but how could you turn this into a positive? Estate agents are a prime example. Write a post about comparable pros and cons of using your high street agent over an online estate agency like Purple Bricks using local SEO focused keywords here will help your site perform better in the geographical areas your agency works in. For a leasing company, compare the cost of a traditional equipment purchase to the benefits of leasing brand new equipment.

Comparison posts allow you to address objections customers may have about using your product or service.

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