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Every brand needs a clear brand strategy to connect with key audiences – we work alongside you and your team to ensure you’re effectively communicating your unique values and purpose. Our branding service gives you the best of strategy and creativity to build you a brand that stands the test of time and smashes your competition out of the water.

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What is branding?

Branding is more than your logo design. It’s your whole brand from brand strategy to identity and brand image, from the tone of voice you use when you communicate with your customers to the imagery and colours you use to represent your brand across your marketing. Consistency is key with your brand. Ensuring your brand works across all of its uses from your web design to business cards and social media profiles, your brand should look great whatever medium it’s being used in.

A great brand strategy & identity will set you apart in your market. With more and more competition in most industries it’s more important than ever to have an edge of your competitors. Effective branding gives you the opportunity to do just that, it helps you to look and feel different to other brands in your sector. It allows you to communicate why people should work with you and helps you become top of mind for buyers when they’re looking to work with someone in your area.

Our branding services

From research to brand identity, your full service branding partner based in Manchester.


Brand Strategy

Before starting identity design, research should be done to position your business or charity in your market to set you apart from others.

Brand Identity Design

An effective brand and visual identity should represent you and your brand across various channels and uses. An identity should include your logo, typography and imagery.

Logo Design

Whilst branding isn’t just logo design, it still forms a big part of an effective identity. Your logo design should be unique, memorable and stand the test of time.

Your Digital Brand

Your brand should be consistent across your digital channels – we call this digital branding and includes your web design and other digital assets. Your website should communicate your brand message and purpose.

Defining Your Purpose

Brands need a reason to exist and your audiences need to know why they should choose you. Defining your purpose helps you to connect with people who care about your business.

Identifying Your Audiences

Who cares about your business? Who will buy from you? Identifying a clear audience for your brand is essential to thrive.
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Sustainable brand guidelines

Brand workshops

Our brand workshops have been honed over the past six years to focus on delivering the biggest impact.

By sitting down with you and your team with pen and paper (old school is best here) we get under the hood of your business and your goals to discover what needs work and what’s working already.

The best ideas come from structured creative sessions like our Discovery Workshops – giving us a place to explore which social causes align with your brand, ways we can embed those causes in your brand and how we go about commercialising them to make your business sustainable.

Often the biggest take away from our Discovery Workshops is the outsider’s perspective to drill down into the real “why” of the brand. This helps you get clarity around your purpose and why you exist as a brand – giving you a clearer head and direction to drive your brand forward.

Whilst these workshops are usually run from our branding agency in Bolton/Manchester, we’re able to deliver workshops virtually during the pandemic using video conferencing. When travel can resume our workshops will be able to take place anywhere in the world.

Brand strategy & design

Before we jump straight into designing you a brand identity that looks fresh off the runway – we focus on strategy.

We’re believers in backing up design with strong research. By holding focus interviews and surveys with your stakeholders we get under the skin of your industry and problem. Once we’ve got a real understanding of your audience we start by crafting messaging and a purpose that resonates on an emotional level – creating a long lasting and loyal connection.

Once we’ve got the messaging nailed – we move onto designing you a brand identity that communicates that message. Our research comes in handy here again when we’re choosing colours, typography and imagery that resonates. Your unique identity will work across offline and digital channels to really stand out in your industry.

Once we’ve finalised the design of your new brand we provide you with the tools you’ll need including but not limited to brand guidelines and template documents.

Some of the most common brand questions we get asked

What is branding?

According to the American Marketing Association branding is ““A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers”

How long does a branding project take?

On average a full branding project including research and brand identity will take 1-2 months depending on the complexity of your market and whether you’re a startup or existing business.

Why do I need a brand?

There are so many ways you can generate more traffic to your site from directory listings to social media marketing and PPC advertising. These are all great. But having an SEO strategy is probably the best way to generate traffic long term, most people go to Google when they start researching who to work with. If you’re not showing, you’re missing a big opportunity to be seen by potential customers.

Why is branding important?

Branding sets you apart from others in your industry or space. In order to stand out in increasingly competitive markets, you need potential customers to be able to differentiate you from your competitors. Branding does that for you.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is the visual aspect of your brand. Everything from your logo, colours and typography are included.

What is brand personality?

Just like a person a brand should have a personality to connect with your audience. Think Paddy Power and you’ll think funny and sarcastic. Think The Body Shop and you’ll think caring. Think Patagonia and you’ll think sustainable and adventurous. Every successful brand has a brand personality and you should too.

What is a brand promise?

A brand promise is the promise you make to your customers. What will you deliver? How will you deliver it? It sets an expectation in your customers minds of what they will get when they buy from you.

What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning is selecting a space in the market for your brand to occupy. Successful positioning will create a clear idea of what you stand for in your consumers minds.

Here's what some of our branding clients had to say about Reward

“Reward Agency have recently rebranded by business with a logo design and full make over. Mitchel and his team also helped us market for new members over the summer and thanks to his efforts we have seen 40 new sign ups to our company. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a rebrand or marketing help to contact reward and let them work their magic.”

Gary WorkmanFounder & CEO

“Working with Reward on our re-brand project has been an absolute pleasure. The guys really took the time to understand our business and what we wanted to achieve, creating a new image with the perfect mix of innovation and professionalism. We will continue to work with Reward on future projects, and highly recommend to anyone looking for a responsive, creative and friendly design agency!”

Katy RectorSales & Marketing Manager

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