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We are eCommerce SEO specialists helping you grow sustainably with SEO, digital PR and content marketing. With proven strategies and creative thinking, we move your store up the rankings and grow organic sales.


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Why SEO for ecommerce?

Digital advertising is becoming increasingly expensive with more and more competition for the same customers attention on social media.

SEO for ecommerce gives you an opportunity for long term growth without the reliance on constant ad spend – it’s a long term strategy for organic customer acquisition. Done correctly, SEO can drive a consistent flow of new customers.

Google, Bing and Yahoo want to deliver the best match and experience for a users search, if your site fits that bill – you’ll rank highly and the search engine will prioritise your site. This is a very basic explanation of SEO but one that hopefully shows you the most important thing to consider when trying to improve your stores SEO performance. With over 200 ranking factors and upcoming changes like Core Web Vitals, the best way to rank is to focus on your users and potential customers.

Ecommerce SEO services

Generating new sales & targeted traffic from search


SEO Auditing

Before jumping head first into improving your sites performance, we take an in depth look at how your site is performing. From competitor analysis to technical performance - our SEO audit shows us where your site is performing well and identifies key areas needing improvement.

Keyword Research

We use the latest keyword research tools to compile a list of best fit keywords combining quick wins and long term higher competition targets to make sure your site is targeting the right keywords for your demographic and target customer.

Ecommerce SEO Strategy

By identifying your objectives and creating a roadmap aligned with your goals, we will plan out your journey to growing your eCommerce sites performance, from short term wins to long term strategies.

On-page SEO

Making sure your pages are optimised for search is an essential part of eCommerce SEO success. Focusing on your home page, products and category pages - we make sure your store is performing at its' best.

Link Building & Digital PR

Links play a huge role in boosting organic search performance - we will build a link strategy to obtain links from authoritative sources to boost your rankings by mixing traditional link building with digital PR strategies.

SEO Content

We will keep your site regularly updated with new content. From new landing pages to informative, educational blog posts we will make sure your site stays fresh for Google and your site visitors.

The benefits of SEO for eCommerce stores

Whilst the main aim of ecommerce SEO is improving rankings in SERPs, there are other benefits when investing in search engine optimisation.

By boosting your sites performance on the major search engines, you’ll increase the number of impressions and clicks to your store. By driving more relevant, targeted traffic with search – you’ll see increases in traffic and conversion.

Whilst SEO is about targeting the right keywords and intent, it’s also about improving your customer experience. By investing in SEO, you’ll improve the experience for people visiting your site – with faster loading times, the right content served at the right time, clearer navigation and mobile first design combining to not only create a site Google loves but one that your users enjoy too.

Search results also act a big trust signal. By ranking higher in SERPS, your site gains credibility. Credibility = trust. One of the biggest struggles eCommerce store marketers and owners face in converting new users to sales – by building brand awareness and trust, you’re more likely to convert new site visitors.

Why Reward Agency?

Good question.

There are hundreds of ecommerce SEO agencies for ecommerce brands and each one is different in it’s approach to SEO. So why Reward Agency?

We get results. We’re transparent and honest. We focus on doing what’s right. We focus on constantly improving performance. We’re an ethical agency focused on building long term relationships with our client partners, we’ve been working with some of our clients for over 5 years building on successes and building strong partnerships.

As ecommerce SEO experts we’ve been working with brands since 2014 to combine data, design and creative thinking to grow stores across all the major ecommerce platforms – we do however specialise in Shopify and as Shopify Partners have a relationship with Shopify to ensure we keep up to date with all the latest developments on the platform. That combined with our in house SEO team keeping up to date with the latest algorithm updates and best practice – we make sure your site is at the cutting edge of what’s possible to unlock new growth potential.

Our experience working with ecommerce clients in different niches and sizes means we’ve been able to develop tried and tested SEO strategies we know grow sites traffic and rankings. Although each ecommence SEO strategy is different, with a wealth of experience and knowledge – there comes learning and data that can be applied to new projects we undertake.

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With increasing competition in all ecommerce markets driving up digital advertising costs, is SEO the answer to sustainable growth for your store?

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It all starts with a chat

Every site is unique, we like to get to know you and your business before jumping into the nitty gritty of campaigns. What are your goals? What do you do? Who is your customer? These are all questions we will ask in a free consultation to help us understand your current situation and future plans.

We assess your current performance

Our in house SEO team will audit your sites current performance, analysing everything from your competition, rankings, backlinks and site structure to get an in depth picture of your existing performance before we suggest improvements and a plan of action.

We formulate your SEO strategy & get to work

Using our understanding of the site and it’s current challenges, we build a bespoke ecommerce SEO strategy and plan to get your site ranking higher than your competition.  We will break down the work we will be doing across on-site and off-site optimisation to make sure you’re clear on what we’re doing to improve your rankings.

We continually improve your sites SEO performance

We keep you updated each month with reports and dashboards on how your site is performing from site rankings to traffic and conversion rates. We don’t set and forget – we use data and performance to guide improvements to continuously develop your SEO strategy for success.

Some of the most common SEO questions we get asked

Why isn't my site ranking already?

Slow loading times, zero backlinks, a poor site structure or lack of on page optimisation can all be reasons for poor rankings. Usually there are many reasons why sites aren’t ranking – our SEO audit identifies the reasons and gives us the data we need to build an effective strategy to improve rankings.

How much will SEO cost?

Every site is different and rather than offer set packages, we work with you to identify a bespoke SEO solution. By understanding your goals and where you’re starting from – we’re able to create a bespoke quote. After our free consultation, we’ll be able to give you more information on the right investment for you.

Why do you need SEO?

Organic search is an essential marketing channel for any ecommerce store. Most online purchasing decisions involve a Google search at some point in the buying journey – making sure your site ranks when they do is a key tool in the race to acquire new customers.

How much work will I have to do myself?

We take care of all elements of your SEO strategy. From on-page to off page optimisation, we handle the full SEO service whilst keeping you up to date on performance and activity.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

Here's what some of our ecommerce clients had to say about Reward

“We contracted Reward to be our ongoing SEO partner, allowing us to rise through the google rankings quickly and seamlessly.I was overjoyed with the service, knowledge and expertise of Reward and frequently recommend them to colleagues and business associates now.”

Sam LewisEvents & Marketing Manager

“From their communication to service they’re great. I run a fitness business and working with them gives me more time to focus on my customers. Keep up the good work guys! Can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve done.”

Ryan RobinsonFounder

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