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Using search engine optimisation, content marketing and other digital marketing tactics we have established ourselves as experts in improving our clients websites to reach their full potential. Whether you’re looking to improve your rankings through local SEO, link building, conversion rate optimisation, content creation or keyword research our experienced SEO agency team in Manchester knows how to get your site working for you and outranking your competitors.

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Why search engine optimisation?

First page results are essential to your business if you’re looking to generate targeted, relevant traffic to your website. With 95% of organic search traffic being sent to the results on the first page, it’s vital your business is in the mix. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a whole lot of traffic that could be generating you new business.

Google’s search algorithm is notoriously changeable and big updates Google Panda and Google Penguin put an end to the cheap tactics used by some marketing companies. The days of keyword stuffing, poor quality link building and low quality on page content are gone. Instead you need to build a ‘white hat’ (higher quality) organic search strategy to make sure you’re capitalising on the opportunity SEO can bring now that Google prioritises high quality sites that promote a great visitor & user experience.

The first part of our work on clients sites is identifying where fixes need to be made to previous bad practice and working to ensure you have the right content, site and link structures in place to beat your competition to those top spots in Google listings across desktop and mobile.


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Specialist SEO services to grow your online presence

Creative and technical SEO combined for the best results


Local SEO

Working with an SEO agency in Manchester you can ensure consistency across your online listings, we work to make sure your site displays correctly in local SERPs (the way Google displays local search results).

SEO Audit

An indepth look at where your site is and isn’t working, we look at a range of on-page and off-page factors to identify where we should focus your SEO efforts.

Technical SEO

Combined with on-page SEO including markup and tag usage we build a strong structure to ensure Google’s bots can index your site quickly and correctly.

Content Strategy

Content is key to long term Search Engine Optimisation success, we use keyword and competitor research to build out a consistent content strategy before writing and producing long form content for key pages and blogs.

Mobile Search Performance

Mobile search performance is important with a big chunk of traffic now coming from mobile organic searches, we ensure your site speed and performance match your visitors expectations to boost search rankings.

SEO Link Building

Taking a tactical approach to build authoritative and relevant links to your site to boost your search rankings.
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Technical SEO

Whilst technical SEO might be boring for some agencies, we understand it’s the backbone of any successful SEO strategy.. From page speed improvements to site structure and data markup – we need to make sure your website is set up in the best possible way to grow your website rankings. By using the latest best practice advice from Google we are able to build a site that Google can understand and index correctly and quickly.

The starting point of any search campaign is always our SEO audit, which runs through your website to identify areas that have been set up incorrectly and which need to be improved. On-page fixes like internal linking and content creation will be identified alongside technical site architecture and social media link issues.

Other important factors like title tags, meta data, page speed and minification of code (CSS, HTML and JS) are all looked at in detail at this stage and improved to improve the performance for your website visitors and Google. All of these fixes combined together result in a site with strong technical foundations ready to be indexed by the major search engines. Working with an SEO agency who understands the need for a balance of technical capability and creative on page content is essential for search engine rankings success.

Transparent reporting and friendly communication

One of the key things that come up when we speak to our clients and get their feedback is on our monthly catch ups. We build long term relationships with our clients based around honesty, transparency and sometimes even having a laugh. Whilst we’re always professionally our team are a friendly, approachable bunch and we class a lot of clients as friends now having build amazing relationships over time.

Our monthly catch ups aren’t just for a natter though, we produce easy to understand reports so you can see how your site is performing. When we start working together we identify your most important KPIs so you can see you’re gaining traffic and rankings. Each month we report on your traffic increases and the placing of your site against competitors. Everything we do is reported so you can see what we have been doing from your on-page improvements to link building activity.

Some of the activities you might expect us to be doing for you include:

  • Creating a simple navigation structure for a better visitor and Google bot experience
  • Reducing the number of internal and external requests your website makes to improve site speed by removing plugins and resources you don’t need
  • Keeping sitemaps and markups up to date across your site and Google Search Console
  • Implementing an internal linking structure
  • Optimising metadata elements to create better structured pages and posts
  • Producing well researched, professionally written long form content that ranks
  • Build outreach campaigns to generate authoritative links with publishers, bloggers and other website owners
  • Writing and distributing guest blogs and digital PR

Long form content is king

For years in the SEO world content has been seen as being king. Whilst that’s true a lot of agencies in the UK have been slow to catch on and still don’t produce great long form content for their clients. That’s where we’re different. We still have the expert knowledge of technical SEO, link building and citations but we love creative content marketing. From producing well written service pages that convert or educational blog posts that generate traffic and get ranked, we love writing and producing content for our clients.

Most websites still aren’t using long form content. Great for you. There is a big opportunity to give Google what they want with a website with well-written copy that really adds value to your visitors. We’re not saying you should have a website full of blocks of text, far from it. Your content needs to be well written, well presented and designed in a way that engages your visitor, using imagery and a stunning website design that works across desktop and mobile.

Using data and research to set our plan of action

Before we jump in and start recommending fixes, we need to first understand how your website is performing. Our research and audit stage uses data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other leading industry data tools to identify current website traffic, rankings and competitor performance. Competitor research is vital at this point to identify the areas where we are falling behind and where there are gaps in their strategy we can utilise to win more traffic.

This stage also includes keyword research which guides our on page copy work later in the project. We include search volumes to make sure the keyword opportunity is worthwhile pursuing as part of your SEO strategy.

Resolving technical issues and using best practice on page techniques to ensure technical SEO success

Technical SEO is the foundation of your SEO campaign. Our audit will have identified where your site is falling down, the technical SEO stage is where we fix those technical issues. By improving loading speeds, restructuring menus and implementing best practice metadata changes we ensure your site is ready to climb the rankings. Things like broken links, alt tags and oversized images are all fixed here too.

Creative copywriting and content to support your search engine marketing campaign

SEO without content doesn’t work.  Behind every successful search campaign is a content strategy. From writing long form content for your homepage and service pages to producing a blog content plan based on our keyword research – you’re in safe hands when it comes to seeing amazing rankings in Google SERPs.

Length isn’t everything though. Anyone can write 2000 words if they try hard enough. The key here is to produce marketing copy that adds value. No drivel. No repeating words to increase word counts. We produce well structured written content with plenty of internal links that your visitors and Google loves.

Some of the most common SEO questions we get asked

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of making sure your site is as Google and visitor friendly as possible to increase your rankings and generate organic search traffic. It’s really that simple. Whilst there are lots of elements to SEO, it boils down to producing a website that is easy to use and has great content.

What is on-page optimisation?

This is everything on your pages. From your service pages to blog posts, on-page optimisation is about improving all of the on-page factors consider when ranking your site from internal linking to page titles and content length.

How can I get more traffic to my site?

There are so many ways you can generate more traffic to your site from directory listings to social media marketing and PPC advertising. These are all great. But having an SEO strategy is probably the best way to generate traffic long term, most people go to Google when they start researching who to work with. If you’re not showing, you’re missing a big opportunity to be seen by potential customers.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a bit of software you can use to monitor website traffic and behaviour on your site. The data you can get from Google Analytics (GA) is amazing, from traffic source to bounce rates and user behaviour – all of which are vital KPIs when you’re thinking about starting an SEO campaign.

How can I improve my on-page SEO?

Working with us would be the most obvious answer here but if you’re looking to improve your on-page SEO yourself, start by focusing on keyword research. Research the best keyword for your product/service and use that as a starting point for your content. It’s important to be natural, stuffing keywords into every sentence is the wrong way to improve your SEO performance. An easy way to get your keywords into your content is by using your keyword in your title tags (‘Product/Service • Brand Name’).

Should I get an SSL?

Yes. HTTPS is a sign that your site can be trusted. You can get an SSL certificate free through most website hosting providers. Changing from HTTP to HTTPS is a simple SEO fix you can make straight way.

How can I reduce my website load time?

Do I need to build links?

Yes. Link building is an important factor in the way Google ranks your site. By building high quality links to your site you’re showing Google that others trust you.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

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Sam LewisEvents & Marketing Manager

“From their communication to service they’re great. I run a fitness business and working with them gives me more time to focus on my clients. Keep up the good work guys! Can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve done.”

Ryan RobinsonFounder

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