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A successful paid media strategy quite literally pays for itself, with a tried and tested data-led PPC agency process we create effective, results driven pay per click campaigns to build brand awareness, increase website traffic and grow conversions with retargeting, shopping, video ads and search advertising.

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Why PPC?

Pay per click (otherwise known as PPC) management is an online advertising model allowing you to reach potential customers with digital advertising – the best known PPC platform is Google Ads – allowing you to target customers in a multitude of ways using traditional keyword based search advertising, video ads or retargeting based on user behaviour. Profitable pay per click campaigns can deliver an impressive return on investment (this is called ROAS – return on ad spend).

Successful paid media channel advertising uses a mix of creative writing, insight and data to reach potential customers in the most cost effective way. PPC ad copy, landing pages and creative assets are vital components of a successful campaign and continuous learning needs to be adopted to identify best performing ads based on content and targeting.

Roll all of this into one business and what do you have? Reward. We’re experts in delivering effective PPC campaigns for our clients. Combining digital skills and creativity, we’ve been able to reduce CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per acquisition) and deliver impressive ROAS figures.






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Delivering performance marketing results with paid advertising


Account Audit

Before we run straight into strategy and ads, we audit your existing PPC accounts and analytics - giving us an insight into what's working and what could be improved. As part of your audit, we use a number of PPC intelligence tools to benchmark your paid media performance against the competition, whilst unlocking data into successful competitor campaigns.

Persona Development

Ad relevance is a key performance driver within the Google Ads platform, at this stage in our process we create customer personas to allow us to craft messages and strategies that speak directly to your target audience.

PPC Strategy

Once we've audited your account and have a good understanding of your objectives and aims for your campaign - we create a PPC strategy document outlining our proposed approach to your campaign.

Ads & Content

Ads don't have to be boring. We craft highly targeted ad copy and strong visual assets to deliver the best campaign results. We set up your account using best practice structure and use a mix of target and negative keywords to focus on driving the most important actions for your business whilst keeping budgets in check.

Ongoing Optimisation

Using Google Tag Manager, we set up the most relevant goals for your business - allowing us to attribute behaviour and conversions associated with our campaigns. We're big believers in combining human problem solving skills with machine learning and data, we look for performance improvements across ads, keywords and landing pages to continuously improve on the results we're driving for your business.

Reporting & Review

We produce monthly reports with quarterly strategy reviews to keep you updated on campaign performance and activity on your account. As with all digital marketing campaigns, the more data we collect the better informed we become - we use insights to adjust your PPC strategy to deliver even better results.
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Effective Google Ads campaigns

Done properly, Google Ads is a great asset to any business. Whether your goal is to drive more brand awareness, increase ecommerce sales or to generate new leads – paid media is an effective channel.  But done badly, you can quickly become overwhelmed with the traffic that doesn’t convert, bad fit leads and wasted ad spend.

Understanding PPC performance metrics can be a full time job, working with a professional PPC agency allows you to focus on other areas in your business or marketing strategy.

A great PPC agency should:

  • Craft strong copy to drive action
  • Understand data and insights
  • Have knowledge of quality scores and how to drive campaign performance
  • Not rest on good performance – they should continuously improve on results
  • Have a creative mindset

Continuous performance improvements

Whether you’re looking for a PPC agency to create and manage Search, Display or Shopping campaigns. We’re experts in creating and managing high-performing Search, Display and Shopping campaigns to increase your brand’s visibility and profitability.

Our approach to PPC is similar to our social media and SEO strategies, one focused on continuous improvement. Your account manager and PPC team will measure and review performance on a weekly basis to ensure your account is performing at its best, using experiments, landing page variations and A/B testing to boost performance.

Some of the most common PPC questions we get asked

Is PPC the right channel for us?

The beauty of PPC is the speed and consistency of results, once a successful paid advertising campaign has been set up you can see results very quickly. The data and insights you will generate from PPC are hugely valuable and is also a more predictable, consistent growth channel, one not affected by ever changing Google search algorithms.

What is PPC management?

Being a successful PPC management agency needs a mix of insights and creativity. Balancing optimisation and technical know-how with creative thinking to identify the changes needed to ad copy, landing pages, targeting and focus to unlock new opportunities for ad performance improvements.

How do I know my campaigns are working?

We keep you updated on your account performance with regularly calls and reports. We make sure our reports are easy to digest with all of the key metrics you need to measure. We’ll also explain the reasons behind changes to your account so we’re being fully transparent on the processes we’re following to grow your account performance.


The age old debate: PPC or SEO? Our answer? Both.

Both have their pros and cons. Paid ads rely on continuous ad spend to maintain traffic to your site. SEO is a longer term strategy focused on driving relevant traffic not reliant on ad spend. That’s why combining PPC and SEO is a great blend. Integrating data generated from both channels allows you to improve performance without duplicating work.

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“Would highly recommend this company. They give a perfect blend of expertise, professional attitude and inside knowledge all wrapped up with clear communication and results !”

Steve PrezynerMarketing Manager

“Great team who have helped us launch some very quick work needed. Very responsive and quick and did exactly what we asked. I would highly recommended.”

Max FoneDirector

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