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In a post-pandemic world, a strong social media presence is more important than it’s ever been. During the pandemic there has been a seismic change in the way consumers behave. With the majority of us coping with extended periods at home, online shopping became the buying default. Brands have had to adapt, ensuring their businesses are seen where their audiences are. With an effective strategy in place, your social accounts can help you connect with your customers, increase brand awareness, boost leads and sales.

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Making organic social media work

You have a Facebook page, LinkedIn account and Instagram profile. You check your KPIs religiously. You’re active when it comes to promoting your business on social media, right? Today it takes more than just being present online to have an online presence.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C brand, your audience are using social media. B2B decision makers are looking for engaging content on LinkedIn. Consumers are endlessly scrolling through their feeds on Instagram. Your brand has an opportunity to entertain, inspire and educate in order to build a community of engaged followers and brand fans – giving you a chance to build lasting relationships and convert your audiences to paying customers.

Our omni-channel marketing expertise covers SEO, PPC and social media know-how. We can apply our expertise to your social media accounts, delivering marketing strategies that deliver results across all the major platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.


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Organic social media management services

Creativity & insights blended to deliver results



Before we jump in to social media strategy and growth tactics we complete a full social media audit. Identifying areas that are working well and those that could be improved, allows us to build a targeted strategy focused on your key objectives. Competitor analysis also falls under our audit process, benchmarking performance against key competitors in your space.


Audience Analysis

Once we've completed an audit of your existing platforms, we will complete full audience analysis to ensure we're building strategies around your key target audience. We put these into buyer personas to allow us to segment and tailor content to their specific tastes and requirements.

Social Media Strategy

Once we've fully understood your audience, market and objectives we put together a social strategy document to outline how we're going to position your brand to stand out on social media.

Creative & Content

Time to get creative. We've finalised your strategy, now it's time to create weekly social media content calendars and bespoke content to get ready to post out to social.

Go Live

We've done all of the prep work, you've got social schedules in place and your content is ready to go. We start managing your live accounts (you'll still own the accounts) and your feeds start to come alive.

Reporting & Continuous Improvement

We use a continuous improvement process at Reward, meaning we assess performance of content - keeping an eye on all the important metrics including follow growth and engagement using real time reporting and monthly review calls.
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Organic Social Media Know-How

Winning on social media needs the perfect blend of data and creativity.

Creative thinking needs to be backed up with logical, data driven decision making. What looks like it may work on paper, may look completely different when you’ve cross referenced it with social listening tools.  Social media experts at Reward, help you to find that balance – using best practice strategies and bespoke content schedules, we’re able to build communities with social media.

Whilst all of our social media management strategies are bespoke – we don’t rip up the rule book each time we work with a new partner, we use our experience as a social media management agency and apply previous successful campaign findings to your strategy.

Transparent client partnerships

As part of our client process, we will identify your objectives and the KPIs that matter to you and your brand.

Using social monitoring and reporting tools, we’re able to measure performance against these metrics on the fly. You will have access to a dashboard with live progress on your accounts and a monthly review call to ensure you’re happy with everything we’re doing on your accounts. That doesn’t mean you have to wait till the end of the month to hear from us – we have client Slack Channels to keep in touch with you via instant message whenever you need us or have a question.

We believe in long term partnerships with our clients, built on transparency, ethics and good relationships. Great communication forms the basis of all our partnerships.

Some of the most common social media questions we get asked

Can social media marketing really help my brand?

Without a doubt, social media marketing sustains online businesses. In fact, if you don’t have a detailed social media strategy, you’re harming your brand. Having an authoritative, confident online persona is expected of any reputable business these days.

How much does social media marketing cost?

Social media marketing is never free. Even if you relied on posting your own organic content alone there is a cost. Whether you’re investing your own time, or hiring a social media specialist or outsourcing to a marketing company, there’s always an investment.. However, there’s an undeniable value to be gained from an effective social media presence.

How do I identify my target audience?

If you’re marketing to the wrong demographic, your social media posts will be ignored. Identifying your target audience is vital to your business. That’s why we’ve answered this question in a more detailed blog post.

How often should I post?

There’s no one right way to answer this question. It’s important to have a consistent online presence. At Reward, we believe in ethical marketing strategies that respect the consumer. A barrage of social media posts is a surefire way to come across as overly promotional, which is a guaranteed way of losing your followers.

When should I post?

This depends on the platform and also on your target audience. If you’re aiming to target a working professional, then posting during business hours is going to make your content invisible. If you’re looking to appeal to new parents, then you’ll be mindful of an entirely different, if not erratic schedule.

What type of posts should I publish?

Fundamentally, your posts should be consistent with your brand’s identity and ethos. Therefore, your posts should aim to educate, inform and entertain your target audience, while always staying true to your personality. It’s almost the same advice you give to first daters: be true to yourself, a good impression is not just what you say but how you say it. Personality and presentation counts.

How can I measure success on social media?

Here's what some of our social media management clients had to say about Reward

“Would highly recommend this company. They give a perfect blend of expertise, professional attitude and inside knowledge all wrapped up with clear communication and results !”

Steve PrezynerMarketing Manager

“Great team who have helped us launch some very quick work needed. Very responsive and quick and did exactly what we asked. I would highly recommended.”

Max FoneDirector

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